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Anyone can ...

...take pictures. Also an automat. But not everyone can watch. Photography is only art insofar as the art of observation makes use of it. Observation is an elementary poetic process. Reality must also be formed if it is to be made to speak.

– Friedrich Dürrenmatt

A picture ... us the feeling of holding the whole world in our hands. Photos are documents of the moment, of life, of history. Photography transforms the world into an everlasting offer, from reality into the realm of fantasy, from pain into joy - through the window of the soul, the eye.

– Mario Cohen

Photography is ...

...the moment the camera becomes a part of you, the moment you stop taking snapshots and start thinking in angles, exposures and apertures, you have wonderfully learned to see a second time.

- Nadine Petry

A nude ... is good if the model shows it around at the coffee table on her grandmother's birthday and the people present think it's good.

– Günter Rinnhofer